The Water Is Wide


A Asus Bm D F♯m G


The water is Dwide, G     I can't cross Dover

And neither Bmhave G     I wings to Afly

Build me a F♯mboat that can carry Bmtwo    G

And both shall Asusrow,   Amy love and DI


There is a Dship, G     she sails the Dsea

She's loaded Bmdeep, G     as deep can Abe

But not as F♯mdeep, as the love I'm Bmin    G

I know not Asushow,   AI sink or Dswim


Now love is Dhandsome, G     and love is Dkind

The sweetest Bmflower, G     when first it's Anew

But love grows F♯mold, and waxes Bmcold    G

And fades aAsusway,   Alike the summer Ddew